What is a Nest Certified Store?

Certified stores are authorised Nest resellers that have been identified and assessed and rated by their stock, sales and knowledge.  This makes a Certified Store and ideally placed to serve the trade and a great sector for Nest. Here at APP Heating and Plumbing we wanted to reward hard work with new leads and exposure to all the tradesmen in the UK.

So we have created a website offering new potential customers a resource to find their local Nest stockist. We are driving traffic online to this page www.certifiedstores.co.uk/nest and website and the postcode look up service will display the closest relevant Nest Certified Store.

The listings will be displayed with the closest relevant result and presented by sales and stocking performance so further rewarding merchants that invest and sell all the Nest products. Certified Store partners will be rated as Platinum, Gold and Silver stockists depending on the criteria that they meet.

A link has also be placed on the results page to a stores website and it has been shown that stores displaying Nest products are more likely to capitalise on this advertising campaign.

The Certified Stores campaign is run exclusively by APP Plumbing and Heating and offers our customers new leads and new potential customers. It is very hard to capture the digital space and the Nest is a leading tech brand that has taken the industry by storm.

All of APP’s customers are specialised Plumbing and Heating suppliers and offer a real professional solution. There is also the fact that it is better to buy a Thermostat and control at the time of a boiler purchase and Independent secure over 500,000 boiler sales each year and it is growing. Plumbers and heating contractors want to use local knowledgeable stores so a Nest Certified store allows a quick an easy look up service by postcode to find what they need.

Certified Store Platinum Platinum Certified Store

The Certified Stores are rated by badges easily identifying their tier rating of Platinum, Gold and Silver.

A Platinum stockist is more likely to have a Nest item on the shelf and be used to a good number of Nest sales and have the expertise and knowledge to detail the features and benefits of all the Nest products.

Gold Certified Store Gold Certified Store

A Gold and Silver stockist will have a lesser range of Nest items available in store and a un-rated store will be authorised but not necessarily have stock available.

The ratings are to make sure we highlight the best stores when it comes to Nest items.

Silver Certified Store Silver Certified Store

APP Heating and Plumbing have a great sales team that are happy to talk you through any of our ongoing promotions and getting involved with the Nest schemes is not only beneficial for sales but also for the future.