It is not everyday that a manufacturer or distributor gives away free money but the Trustbond Lottery in conjunction with Nest and Fernox is doing just that! The Trustbond Lottery was set up to reward customers at all levels and offer a thank you for purchasing the goods. It is not easy to discount market leaders like Fernox and Nest because there is little margin. This is often because any margin is reinvested into the brand to make it more successful. Fernox and Nest both have large marketing budgets to make sure that they keep the brand in the forefront of the installers mind, making them the first choice on your trade counter.

So why are brands important and why do you need to invest in them, with stock? This is always the question asked but it is a no brainer if you have access to a brand. It is far easier to sell a brand and it creates loyalty and a repetitive customer who is already convinced to buy the product. Our aim at APP Heating Distribution is to make sure you can make margin out of a brand and that is why we partner with the best manufacturers. It is pointless selling a high value product like for instance a over priced well marketed boiler manufacturer or dominant controls manufacturer that has not created anything interesting for years.

The Trustbond Lottery from APP is an automated computer generated spin of serial numbers that selects the winners at random. All you have to do is buy a product, collect you serial numbers and enter them into to the online portal. The odds are much better than any other normal Lottery and you have to be in it to win it.

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