Recycling Week 2021 at APP

Recycling Week 2021 at APP

Recycling Week 2021 at APP

In 2018/2019 there were over a million cases of fly tipping in the U.K. costing councils in England and the taxpayer nearly £13m in clean up fees. Around 31% of this waste comes under electrical waste and white goods. This not only has a detrimental impact on local communities but can be toxic for the environment. For Recycling Week 2021, the goal to emphasise how important recycling is. Everyone gets involved. There has long been a focus on the three R’s; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Whilst the first two R’s are not easily possible in the plumbing and heating industry, recycling has never been easier. From the 20th-26th September, we’re celebrating Recycling Week 2021 by highlighting the benefits of recycling across the industry and beyond. For Recycling week at APP, we’re finding ways to help you and your customers be more green.  


The BoilerBox

To try and counteract this irresponsible disposal of waste, we’ve created a sustainable recycling option available to purchase from the APP sales team. By selling your customers a Boiler Box and encouraging them to correctly recycle their old boilers, it will ensure that as much material as possible will be reused to help with sustainability. It will also help to reduce our impact on the environment. Although many consumers recycle their domestic waste by putting their recyclable materials in the recycling bin, when it comes to commercial waste there is still improvements to be had. A change in behaviour when it comes to recycling right is needed in the industry.  


What is BoilerBox?

The BoilerBox is a convenient way for an installer or homeowner to dispose of an unwanted boiler. It also means that the material does not just end up in skip or metal scrap yard where the materials are not correctly sorted to maximise recycling. The BoilerBox is also a great box that is collapsible when not in use and will stop any damage to a homeowner’s property. It will fit in a variety of vans or storage areas etc.  


How does it work?

We will collect the box free of charge once it contains the old boiler. Once the BoilerBox is ready for collection please call the dispatch depot number on your delivery note and the staff will book a waste collection with you. Then, when the BoilerBox arrives back at the dispatch depot, the BoilerBox will be refunded. Each box has a unique barcode that will be used to manage the attribution to a purchase. The box also has a document pocket for any tracking paperwork.  


How can I buy the BoilerBox?

The BoilerBox can be purchased on its own or with any boiler at a discounted price. You will be able to add the discounted Boilerbox from any boiler product page or at checkout. An installer or builder may just want the box for storage, this is also ok. However, if not purchased with a boiler, it is a higher cost. We will also accept the box back if it has material inside.


What can go in the box?

As the name suggests, the main point of the process is to recover the boiler waste for recycling. Other boiler and metal components can be placed in the box, such as metal fittings, flue accessories and boiler controls. It is ideal if the boiler is completely dry and free from building waste. Any other waste not related to the boiler will be charged accordingly and serial offenders will be removed from the scheme.   If you’re interested in finding out more about the Boiler Box and encouraging your customers to think more carefully about what they do with their waste, take a look at the APP website for more information or contact our sales team today.   Find out more about Recycling Week 2021.