Nest Thermostat E - The market leading smart home boiler and control bundle

Nest Thermostat E - The market leading smart home boiler and control bundle

The market leading smart home boiler and control bundles from APP.

We know that boilers work the best when they’re being controlled by the best. This is why we’ve combined our favourite boilers with our fantastic Nest Thermostat E in order to give you a great deal on reliable and innovative products. Your customers will appreciate this offer, as once installed, is completely Boiler Plus compliant and inline with current regulations. Its a rarity to find these fantastic products available together and will really appeal to todays installers who are looking for a smart heating solution that is worth the amount and creates value over the long term.  


The Nest Thermostat E.

One of the best energy saving features of the Nest Thermostat E is that it turns itself down when its occupants are away. That way, they do not use too much energy when it is not needed. It can be controlled from anywhere via the Nest App like a remote control and its frosted display is beautifully designed to blend in around the home. It’s set with a simple schedule to help save energy from day one. The temperature sensor knows when everyone has left the house, then turns itself down so that it is not heating an empty home or office.  When changed to an energy-saving temperature setting, the Google Nest Leaf is shown. The premium Heat Link E connects via Wi-Fi to the heating system and works with the Google Nest Thermostat E to turn on and off or modulate the heat. It can also sense the temperature in the room for optimum efficiency which in turn can save energy.  


Our Best Bundles

Sounds great right? That’s why this Nest product is one of the most popular smart thermostats on the market right now. We’ve combined it with a collection of reliable and well loved boilers, to provide a fantastic boiler and control bundle that customers will love. These boilers include the Baxi Platinum, Duo Tec and Megaflow and the Potterton Titanium in any size and kW. These brand names are all compatible with the Nest E Thermostat, are always associated with quality and have been well loved by installers and APP Plumbing & Heating for years, so we thought they’d be a perfect choice for this offer.  


Current Smart Home & Boiler Proposal For Your Customers

Right now we’ve got an even better proposal for you and anyone else who's looking to replace old boilers or old thermostats in order to cut down on unnecessary energy usage, helping everyone saving money on their energy or heating bills right away. If you upgrade to a Boiler and Nest Thermostat E bundle, you will get a Google Mini included as well. This offer is only available with the upgrade bundle and cannot be purchased after. All boilers need to be purchased within the bundle offer to qualify for the Google Mini offer. Google Mini is a smart speaker with the Google Assistant built in and is compatible with Android Smartphone & Apple iPhone devices. Get answers from Google in seconds. Want the latest weather, traffic, finance, sports and more? Simply ask. More than that, it can also control your heating from your Nest Thermostat E. Too warm? Ask it to drop it down a couple of degrees, all with ease and comfort. It’s so simple to use and easy to install so suitable for any customer.   These products together, create the best boiler + control bundle we have ever offered. Don’t just buy a boiler, buy this bundle for so much more and start saving energy, money and time. Find out more about the Nest Thermostat E and our range of Boilers available online today.